Searching Amazon

February 2, 2006

A few days ago, i was looking on Amazon France for the book that Loic Le Meur wrote about blogs and companies. This book is called Blogs pour les pros but i typed Blog pour les pros in the search field (Blog without the s) and Amazon returned no result. After a couple of minutes, i corrected my mistake and found the book.

Ok, this is a basic example but i can imagine the reaction of non-techie people searching on Amazon without knowing exactly the name of an article. In the real word, when you ask an employee of Virgin (or another store) for a book, you don’t have to exactly spell its name. The main reaction of common people will be to go on another shopping site because the article seems unavailable on Amazon. And I’m sure that some of them will shut down their computer and drive to the nearest book shop. All of that because of a s missing…

For information, i repeated this search on another great french site, La FNAC, and it returned me the book even if there is a mistake in my query.



January 5, 2006

This blog will share ideas and remarks about user experience with technology and especially web and desktop applications.

Everyone heards about the new buzz called Web 2.0 which intends to put user experience to front of debate. There is a lot of new companies launching web applications based on that concept and some of them have refreshed ergonomy on the web.

On the other hand, we will also take care not to forget desktop applications that let the user do what he wants and not what the vendor decided to (like modern jukeboxes with advanced playlists).

What I just need now is real use cases in order to start posting.

Contributions will also be appreciated.